Sri Siva Vishnu Temple Wedding Day

Pari and Rohan’s Sri Siva Vishnu Temple wedding day was the finale of our epic photography trilogy. As their trusted photographer, I had the pleasure of witnessing their love story unfold in many parts. Our first encounter was at their engagement session followed by their vibrant mehndi party.

With each step of the journey, our bond grew stronger. I felt deeply honored to capture the essence of their special final wedding day. Admittedly, I felt a flutter of nerves as I prepared to document my first Indian/Hindu wedding. However, armed with research and a solid plan, I approached the day with excitement and confidence.

Being in unfamiliar territory is a typical day in the life of a wedding photographer. This may have been my first Indian/Hindu wedding ceremony, but I’m no stranger to being in new wedding environments to document beautiful moments nonetheless.

The Sri Siva Vishnu Temple proved to be a magnificent backdrop for their union, setting the stage for a celebration brimming with culture, tradition, and love. From the dazzling array of colors to the heartfelt rituals, every moment was a testament to the beauty of their bond.

I sought to capture the authenticity and joy that permeated the air, ensuring that every photograph reflected the unique spirit of Pari and Rohan’s love story. As I clicked away, I found myself swept up in the magic of the moment, grateful for the opportunity to document memories that would last a lifetime.

Enjoy these Sri Siva Vishnu Temple wedding photos!

indian bride adjusting her earing and smiling
indian bride and groom wedding sign
indian groom preparing to enter ceremony space
indian groom enjoying arrival celebration
bride smiling during indian wedding ceremony
groom placing ring on bride's hand
groom placing red dot on indian bride's forehead
indian groom kissing bride on the forehead during their portrait session
indian bride and groom holding hands during indian wedding in maryland

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