Historic Rosemont Manor

Rosemont Manor Wedding Photography

The Historic Rosemont offers two unique wedding venues – The Rosemont Manor and the Rosemont Springs. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing at both Historic Rosemont venues and have been thoroughly impressed by them both.

What’s particularly stunning about the Rosemont Manor is its use of classy architecture and vast greenery. It’s the best of both worlds for couples who want the epicness of a historical structure and endless fields for scenic views. Not only is it a pretty sight to see, but the Historic Rosemont Manor also offers full-service catering, wedding planning, and overnight accommodation. Additionally, you can have both your ceremony and reception take place in one location which cuts down on driving and wandering for guests.

In my experience, having your wedding ceremony and reception in one place is key for a wonderful wedding experience. It simplifies wedding planning and allows guests to have more fun since they don’t have to factor in crazy amounts of travel time and waiting around. With a more relaxed and organized wedding environment comes better wedding photographs since everyone is having fun. As a documentary wedding photographer, this allows me to capture more genuine and natural moments throughout the day. 

bride and groom walking together during sunset on their wedding day

Wedding Photography

Hey, I’m Jason! I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Northern Virginia and I’m passionate about serving fun-loving couples with documentary wedding photography. I particularly enjoy working at wedding venues close to home and throughout the Loudoun County area.

My mission in photography is to create meaningful images. A meaningful image to me is one that documents a special moment in time while capturing authentic emotion. I believe weddings are an experience filled with countless meaningful moments and thus, should stay far away from becoming a photoshoot. For this reason, I use a photojournalistic approach to capture the natural epic and emotional moments throughout the day.

Weddings are awesome because they are passion-filled from beginning to end. The authenticity in the air excites me and it’s so much fun to document the special moments and help couples relive their special day. The final gallery is a visual heirloom that lasts forever and I’m grateful for the trust couples place in me to immortalize such a special time.

jason montoya wedding photographer taking a photo

Getting Ready

The Rosemont Manor has on-site getting ready space for your big day. The Manor house itself is actually a great spot to get getting-ready photos. On this wedding day, the couple wasn’t super interested in getting-ready photos but I showed up early and captured a few just to tell the beginning part of their wedding day which included an amazing puppy named Lola.

bride adjusting her earring while getting ready for her wedding day
bride looking in the mirror and adjusting her hair
puppy of the bride hiding behind her wedding dress

First Look

Once the bride and groom were all suited up, it was time for their first look. With 60 acres of land and the Manor house itself, there’s definitely no shortage of first-look location options.

On this wedding day, the bride wanted to have a first look with her father before seeing the groom. She had mentioned wanting to do it on the second floor by the windows and stairs so once we did just that and it turned out to be a very emotional moment for Dad.

bride and father of the bride seeing each other for the first time on the wedding day
bride and her father hugging while her father is emotional after seeing her for the first time on the wedding day

Once the first look with dad was done, we proceeded to do the first look with the bride and groom. I suggested we do their first look outside since it would allow us room to walk around and get alternative angles for the couple. Having an open space also allows everyone to feel more relaxed as opposed to being in a tight space. 

bride walking up to her groom for their first look wedding
groom turning around to see bride for the first time on their wedding day
bride and groom hugging on their wedding day for the first time
bride laughing while talking with her groom on their wedding day

Following the first look, I followed the couple back inside where they greeted their guests. Since this was an intimate wedding day, the couple had a chance to say hi to everyone and even to people who weren’t able to make it via FaceTime. 

bride on facetime with wedding guests who couldn't attend the wedding day
bride and her sister on the phone together talking to wedding guests who couldn't attend the wedding day
bride interacting with her nephew on her wedding day

Family Formal Portraits

Once the bride and groom welcomed their immediate family to the wedding venue, we proceeded to take the family formal portraits.

One of the benefits of doing a first look is the opportunity to knock out a majority of the family formal portraits before the wedding ceremony commences. This saves a bunch of time after the ceremony where the couple can spend more time with their guests during cocktail hour which is exactly what my couple on this wedding day wanted to do. 

portrait of bride with her baby nephew and sister
wedding day family portrait at the historic rosemont manor

Couples Portraits

The Rosemont Manor has some epic greenery which serves as a great backdrop for the couples photos along with the Manor house itself. Since we were in the middle of winter, we only got one brief couples session in before it became too cold to be outside after the ceremony. Though we didn’t use too many different locations, I guarantee you’ll be shocked by the amount of options available for couples portraits! 

bride and groom taking a portrait with their puppy
bride and groom kissing their puppy together
bride and groom walking together during a sunset on their wedding day in northern virginia

Wedding Ceremony

At Rosemont Manor, the selection of ceremony locations ensures you will get to have the wedding day of your dreams. The East Lawn, with its awesome greenery, the Grand Portico, with its touch of grandeur, and the intimate Garden Terrace present an array of outdoor ceremony options for you to say “I do.”

If the weather decides to be non-compliant on your big day, there’s nothing to worry about! The Carriage House stands as a jaw-dropping alternative with its generous natural light offerings and sparkling chandeliers.

bride and groom at the altar together on their wedding day at the historic rosemont manor in berryville virginia
bride and groom laughing together while reading vows to each other
bride and groom screaming in happiness at the end of their wedding ceremony
bride and groom walking up the aisle together

Wedding Reception

When it comes to receptions, Rosemont Manor offers the Carriage House which serves as a breathtaking backdrop to dance the night away in. The Carriage House can hold up to 175 guests and provides ample dance floor space. 

The couple on this wedding day were beyond ready to enjoy the night with their friends and family. Once the main events of the evening concluded, we celebrated the night with a bubble sendoff to end the night in style. 

This wedding day proved to be smooth from beginning to end and a large part of that can be attributed to the incredible professional and reliable staff at Rosemont Manor. I can’t wait to be back here photographing another wedding soon! 

photo of the wedding reception at the historic rosemont manor
bride and groom dancing together on their wedding day at the rosemont manor
sister of the bride giving her wedding speech
bride and her father dancing together on her wedding day
nephew of the bride on the dance floor
aunt of the groom dancing with her daughter on the dance floor
bride and groom having fun on the dance floor together
bride and groom walking out of their wedding reception together with a bubble sendoff

Location Address

16 Rosemont Manor Ln, Berryville, VA 22611

Let’s Connect

The Historic Rosemont Manor is the perfect venue for your wedding and I’d love to be the one to document your special day! You can see more of my work on my portfolio page. If you’re ready to reach out, head over to the contact page to get in touch and check availability. I can’t wait to hear from you!