A Deep Dive Into My Wedding Photography Approach

Welcome to my small little corner of the wedding photography world. You’re likely in wedding planning mode and seeing that there’s no shortage of wedding photographer options out there. Every photographer has their own unique wedding photography approach that they use to capture the day.

When it comes to picking the perfect photographer for your big day, it’s all about finding someone whose style vibes with yours. So, let’s dive into what makes my wedding photography approach different.

At the core of my wedding photography approach, you’ll find a mix of documentary storytelling, candid captures, and creative portraits – all aimed at telling your love story in a way that’s honest, heartfelt, and unique.

bride and groom celebrating and sharing their first kiss in front of guests
bride and groom having fun and taking a selfie with the bride's father on the dance floor

Documentary Approach

Embracing the documentary style means being fully present in every moment. As the photographer, my goal is for you to enjoy your wedding experience to the fullest, knowing your photographer’s got your back.

On wedding days, I’m there observing and capturing all the moments and emotions that make your wedding day unique. I also shoot with 100% silent cameras (aka no clicky camera sounds) so every moment is uninterrupted and genuinely preserved. From the nervous excitement of getting ready to the tear-jerking vows exchanged during the ceremony, every moment is documented with care and attention.

bride and groom laughing together after their first look on their wedding day
bride walking down the aisle with guests recording on their phones

Candid Moments

One of the most awesome aspects of a wedding day is the spontaneous moments that pop up when you least expect them. Those are the real treasures of your wedding day, and I make it my mission to capture every single one. Because trust me, those genuine expressions of joy and love? They’re the ones you’ll want to relive over and over again. 

wedding guest sticking his tongue out to catch a bubble
bride and her father hugging while her father is emotional after seeing her for the first time on the wedding day

Creative Portraits

In addition to candid moments, I also love creating unique and creative portraits that reflect your personality as a couple. These portraits are an opportunity to showcase your love in a way that feels distinctly you. Whether it’s a dreamy silhouette or a playful shot that screams “us,” I’m all about bringing your love story to life in the most artistic and meaningful way possible. 

bride and groom looking at camera for a creative portrait on their virginia wedding day
bride and groom night portrait

Relaxed Portrait Experience

As much as I love candid moments, I also understand the importance of creating timeless portraits. Now, I get it – posing for photos can feel a tad awkward. But don’t worry! My streamlined approach to portraits is all about keeping things relaxed and natural so you can just be yourselves and let your personal awesomeness shine through.

No stiff, forced poses here – just genuine connections and authentic moments.

To learn more about my approach to posing couples, check out this blog post – How I Help Couples Pose Comfortably and Confidently

bride and groom walking together during sunset
bride and groom interacting together after first look at Northern Virginia wedding

“Weddings are an experience, not a photoshoot.”

This mantra lies at the core of my philosophy as a wedding photographer. I believe your wedding day should be a celebration filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. My goal is to document your day in a way that lets you fully immerse yourself in the experience, knowing that those memories will be seamlessly preserved for generations to come. 

In a nutshell, my wedding photography style is all about capturing your unique love story with artistry and authenticity in mind. My goal is for you to have a laid-back and fun-filled wedding experience that you can fondly look back and smile at.

bride and groom at their wedding ceremony during their wedding day in Owings Mills Maryland
bride and groom hugging underneath an umbrella during portrait time in heavy rainfaill

Let’s Connect

If you’re looking for a photographer who values authenticity, emotion, and storytelling, I’d be beyond honored to join you on your journey.

Let’s connect, have a friendly chat, and make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

You can see more of my work on my portfolio page or contact me directly using the button below. I can’t wait to hear from you!