Supreme Court Engagement Photos: Is it the Perfect Location?

When it comes to planning your engagement photos, choosing the perfect location is a big decision. If you’re looking for a unique and iconic backdrop, why not consider the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.?

In this blog post, I’ll provide you with insights and guidance to help you determine whether the US Supreme Court is the right setting for your engagement session.

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bride and groom looking at each other during their engagement session at the us supreme court in washington dc

Why Consider the US Supreme Court for Your Engagement Photos?

The US Supreme Court holds immense symbolism as a beacon of justice, liberty, and democracy. Opting for the Supreme Court as your engagement photo location adds an extra touch of grandeur and significance to your love story. The stunning architecture, meticulously maintained grounds, and historical importance of the Supreme Court create a truly jaw-dropping setting for your photos.

bride and groom walking together by the columns at the us supreme court
groom kissing bride on the cheek during their engagement session

Planning Your Supreme Court Engagement Session

Here are three quick tips for a successful and epic engagement session at the US Supreme Court:

  1. Timing: Plan your visit early in the day to ensure a smooth and enjoyable engagement session. Weekends are ideal for engagements at the US Supreme Court. By going early in the morning, you’ll encounter fewer people around, usually just joggers enjoying their early morning run. The Supreme Court is closed on weekends, making this the ideal time for engagement photos. This eliminates the worry of people going in and out of the building. Going early on weekends means you won’t need to acquire a photography permit. Additionally. you’ll have plenty of parking options available.
  2. Outfits: When it comes to outfits for your engagement session, I recommend embracing punchy colors! The backdrop of the Supreme Court’s white architecture provides a perfect canvas for vibrant and bold colors that will make you stand out in your photos. Of course, if you prefer a classic and timeless look, sticking with neutral colors is also a great choice. The key is to wear comfortable clothes that make you feel confident. This allows your personality to shine through in the photos.
  3. Alternate location: While the US Supreme Court itself is an incredible setting for your engagement photos, it’s worth noting that there are several other epic buildings and lovely green spaces nearby that can serve as great alternate spots, especially for a second outfit change. Communicate your vision and preferences to your photographer so they can help you plan accordingly and make the most of the surrounding areas.
bride and groom walking together
bride and groom smiling together underneath a bridge


Choosing the right location for your engagement photos is a crucial step in creating captivating and unforgettable images. The US Supreme Court offers a unique combination of history, symbolism, and architectural beauty that can truly elevate your photos. By carefully considering the factors discussed in this article, you’ll be able to confidently determine whether the US Supreme Court is the perfect location to bring your love story to life through stunning engagement photos.

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