Manassas Battlefield Engagement With a Spooky Twist

Shelbi and Jake’s engagement session at Manassas Battlefield Park was an absolute blast. These two are not only deeply in love but also incredibly fun-loving, making the entire shoot a delightful experience.

Adding a touch of Halloween spirit to their session, Shelbi and Jake brought along hand-carved pumpkins which injected a playful and festive vibe into their photos. It was a creative and whimsical idea that perfectly reflected their personalities and added a unique twist to their engagement images.

As we wandered through the picturesque landscapes of Manassas Battlefield Park, we couldn’t help but marvel at the stunning backdrop it provided. The park’s rich October foliage, rustic structures, and historic charm offered a perfect setting for capturing the love and connection between Shelbi and Jake.

The golden hour light cast a warm and flattering glow adding an extra layer of romance to their Manassas Battlefield Park engagement photos. As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky with blue and purple tones, we seized the opportunity to capture some epic silhouette shots.

This session was also a fun opportunity to catch up with Shelbi and Jake. Jake and I are friends from jiu-jitsu class and I often see both Shelbi and Jake at the gym where we lift weights together. Capturing these photos for the two of them was extra special since they’re also everyday friends of mine.

In the end, as we wrapped up their session, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to capture such authentic and heartfelt images. Shelbi and Jake’s engagement session was not just a photo shoot – it was a celebration of love, laughter, and the beginning of a beautiful journey together.

couple laughing together and having fun during their manassas battlefield park engagement session
bride wrapping hands around the grooms neck while showing off her engagement ring
couple walking together during sunset
bride and groom holding hands while showing off their carved halloween pumpkins
bride and groom using pumpkins during their engagement session at battlefield park
bride and groom holding hands and smiling together during their sunset engagement session
couple posing for an epic silhouette image during blue hour

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